Setup & Monitoring

Our infrastructure is based on VPS systems, located in 5 geographical distributed datacenters spread over 5 countries. (Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands) The base setup runs with 6 relays and 1 producing node. This is to support the clients (wallets, other nodes) in the network and the network itself as much as possible. Also just to make sure we have a firm gate from Europe to the (Middle) East and Africa.. Systems are dedicated VPS’ with 2 (R3) and 4 vCPU (R1, R2, R4) and 6-8Gb of memory and 4B Raspberry Pi’s with 4 cores and 8Gb memory. With this set-up we are also able to run with sufficient performance. At high times, the max throughput of transactions was about 1500 transactions/hr.

Of course we have taken the necessary security measures to protect our systems, such as limited port entrance, connecting to the systems via SSH as well as encrypted connections and hiding the producing node behind the relays. Allso a contingency plan is available, in case the CORE system, our block producer, becomes offline. Therefore a Raspberry Pi is running 24/7. With an adjustment of DNS we can easily switch over. Also our Grafana server runs from the Pi, to relieve our relays.

For Monitoring a setup with Prometheus and Grafana is choosen. The Grafana channel is also SSL encrypted. We can monitor the systems health, as well as the Cardano node statistics from everywhere, even on mobile devices.

Example 1: system statistics:

Example 2: Cardano node stats:

As you can see: staking with us is safe and secure, so join our stakepool and let it work for you!

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